Every year, the company provides pro bono work averaging approximately $10,000 per employee.

Dix & Eaton plays a prominent, respected role in the business community and civic fabric of Northeast Ohio. Our organization and people have a long tradition of supporting a wide variety of non-profit and philanthropic organizations by serving on nearly 50 boards, and participating in fundraising and other initiatives. In fact, every year, we provide pro bono services to area organizations averaging approximately $10,000 in value per employee.  We also take responsibility for reducing our environmental impact where we can, even though our operational carbon footprint is already inherently low. 

We focus our social responsibility activities in three areas:

People – As a people-driven business, we provide an environment where talent and a diversity of ideas can thrive

Planet – We drive awareness of our environmental impact to minimize our collective footprint

Prosperity – Through our work on some of the largest-impact investments in Greater Cleveland and our engagement with local nonprofits, we are proud to do our part in uplifting the region

We are proud to call Cleveland our home – as we have since our founding. The City of Cleveland is embarked on a 10-year journey, Sustainable Cleveland 2019, which is focused on making Cleveland “a green city on a blue lake,” and Dix & Eaton is proud to be part of that initiative.